Regulations on insurance

Regulations on insurance

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The main provisions on deposit insurance on our blog:

1) Open insurance. The availability of the insurance fund and its amount are indicated in the description of the project and on the preview in the short news. No matter how long the hype shows, the fund will be distributed among those who remain in the red. You can find all the HYIPs on the blog with the insurance fund at the link

The sum insured per participant is usually limited, it looks something like this: "the insurance fund is $100, the limit of the sum insured per investor is $20". What is it for? Imagine that the insurance for the project is $100, but one investor has invested $500, the rest $20-30; as a result, due to one large contribution, the percentage of coverage for everyone will be minimal, which is not good. How does this limit work in practice? For example, you invested $100 in a project. The limit of the sum insured is $20. The project went into scam. Your loss minus interest and refback was $30. An amount equal to $20 is taken into account for the application, and, with 100% coverage, you will receive $20, with 50% - $10, and so on. The amount of the limit primarily depends on the total amount of insurance (basic - 10% of the fund per person), also on the level of our confidence in the project (higher confidence - higher limits), on marketing (if the percentage is small,

2) Sometimes, for a project that quickly went into a scam without an insurance fund, taken according to the listing, we allocate a certain amount to cover part of the losses.But this does not happen in all projects. We posted, are posting and will post some on a voluntary basis (many of these hang on the site without being published on the Telegram channel) without any listings. These projects, which seem interesting to us, are invested with our personal funds, so there can be no compensation for them. Also, the presence or absence of compensation depends on the duration of the project. There is no insurance for economic games, partisans, in projects with limits and in restarts (the exception is the presence of an open insurance fund). Insurance cannot be in projects from the "out of monitoring" section. If the HYIP showed an adequate period, and many could earn without problems, compensation is also not provided (an exception, again, is the availability of an open insurance fund). Also projects from verified admins, which in the past have shown adequate terms of work are often placed without insurance or collateral. Remember that these are HYIPs - a casino-like game, you can both win and lose, no one is obliged to compensate for everything and everywhere.

If insurance is allocated after the scam of the project, a post is made about this in the VK group and on the telegram channel (if the project was published on the channel before the scam), and it is also indicated on the site in the full news and on the preview. No need to write after the closure of some kind of hype: "will there be insurance for it?" and all the more something to beg or demand. There is information about accepting applications, we are submitting, there is no information - there is no insurance! Such questions will be ignored!

3) An important rule: if there was no insurance fund initially, but after the scam it was decided to allocate a certain amount to cover part of the losses, the admission limit per person is $ 8 for dollar projects or 600 rubles for ruble projects. How does it work in practice? For example, a person invested $ 100 in a project at 50% per day, despite all the additions and risk warnings, his right, I agree, but when submitting an application, only $ 8 is lost, and compensation will be at 100% coverage is exactly $8, at 50% - $4 and so on. We very often indicate in the description of a new unverified fast "testing with small amounts", "playing with adequate amounts", and so on. But, often, despite all these postscripts, there are those who want to try their luck and make $30-50-100 on the go. In the case of a quick scam and the allocation of insurance, due to such deposits, the total percentage of coverage without limits would be completely miserable, which would make it impossible to make compensation (collect applications, calculate everything, distribute, in order to cover 3-5% of losses, occupation highly controversial)

Also, if a postscript was made to the project with a clear designation of the amount, for example, "test up to 200 rubles for the first round", or postscripts like "I'm testing a hundred", "I'm testing a couple of hundred", "we play up to 300 rubles at this stage" , applications will be accepted up to this amount according to the principle described above.

If there was an addition to the project with a clear recommendation of the tariff, for example, "we play in small amounts strictly on the first tariff", but you ignored it and went to the tariff with a higher percentage with a larger amount, you cannot claim insurance

4) How is insurance distributed? For example, in the project, the amount of $ 100 was allocated to cover losses, we are collecting applications, taking into account the acceptance limit, filed for a total of $ 200. Calculate the coverage percentage: 100/ 200*100%=50%. Thus, each referral will receive a coverage of 50% of his loss in the project

If after the distribution of insurance, in which the coverage percentage was below 100%, you come with the words: how is it, I lost $20, and you covered me only $10, your account, login and mail are permanently added to the black list and nothing There will be no more refbacks or insurance for any project!!!

5) To qualify for insurance, you must be my first-level referral in the project (if you are not on the list of referrals, you cannot claim insurance, so check the inviter before making the first deposit, if he is not listed anywhere in the account, check with me in PM)

6) Application form (usually duplicated in the post about the start of accepting applications):

Project name;
your login (username) on the project website;
replenishment amount;
the amount of payments;
net loss = replenishment amount - payout amount - refback (if ordered);
screenshots from the account or payment system (the second in case the project site is unavailable or it is impossible to get into the account), where you can clearly see how much you have invested and how much you have withdrawn;
your wallet number

Important: attempts to write only the amount of replenishment and deliberately forget about the amount of payments or greatly underestimate it, thereby overestimating the amount of the real loss, are regarded as a deliberate desire to deceive us and your fellow investors and lead to deprivation of your right to receive insurance for a specific project, and if repeated similar violation to a ban on all monitoring resources. In the event of a dispute, I can ask you to provide account information in order to personally check everything.

Examples to understand the principle of loss calculation

Example 1. The project "bla-bla invest" went into the scam with 50% marketing in 24 hours, the ref was 10%. A person walked 4 laps in it with a contribution of 100 rubles. For each deposit, he received from us a refback of 50% of the ref (that is, 4 times 5 rubles = 20). 3 times I received a payment of 150 rubles, I did not withdraw the last invested 100 rubles. A person applies for insurance and writes: loss of 100 rubles, that is, just the last deposit without taking into account payments, previous deposits, refback. This is not true!

It will be true like this: 
invested: 400 rubles (4 times 100)
withdrawn: 450 rubles (3 times 150)

refback: 20 rubles
loss: 400-450-20=-70, that is, in fact, a person is in the black by 70 rubles for this project

Example #2 . The project "Ultracryptotechnology" has gone to the scam. Marketing was 10% in 24 hours. Refka 4%. A person went through 4 rounds in it with a deposit of $10 each, went to the fifth round with the same amount, and the project went into scam. I ordered a refback from us for all 5 deposits, which was 50% of the ref program (5 times $ 0.2 each - a total of $ 1). He applies for insurance and writes: loss of 10 minus refback 0.2 = $ 9.8, that is, it takes into account only the last deposit and the last ref, without taking into account the interest received on past deposits and the refback on them. This is again incorrect. It will be true like this:

deposited: $50 (5 times $10)
withdrawn: $44 (4 times $11)

refback: $1
loss: 50-44-1=$5, that is, we see that the real loss is 2 times lower than the one that was submitted in the application

Example #3 . The Supermegaprofit project went into the scam. Marketing was 10% in 24 hours. Refka 4%. A person invested $10 in it, reinvested 2 rounds from the deposit + interest balance, did not withdraw anything (it’s better to never do this, it’s worth at least the interest to withdraw), went to the third round as a reinvestment inside the office, and the project went into scam. Refback did not order. He applies for insurance and writes that his loss is $13.31. This is wrong again. Reinvestments inside the cabinet do not matter, it is not the lost profit that is insured, but strictly the amount by which the balance of the wallet has decreased due to participation in the project. It will be true like this:

deposited: 10$
withdrawn: 0

refback: 0
loss: 10$

We hope these examples will help you understand the principle of calculation, and you will immediately apply correctly, because recalculating after each, explaining the same thing for hours, such an occupation is straight to yourself. And you have to do this, not out of harm, but so that the percentage of coverage comes out adequate, and it is real losses that are covered, and

not invented project without further discussion. The collection of applications takes a lot of time, if you don't want to read the rules - it's up to you, but I won't spend extra time extracting information from you!

7) In projects with hourly or daily accruals, you need to withdraw everything that is accrued and not accumulate money on the balance sheet. If, for example, you invested 10% in a project with marketing in 24 hours with hourly accruals, the project worked for a day or a little less, you apply for insurance, and it turns out that you have not withdrawn anything during this time, the application is accepted minus the amount, which you could withdraw while the project was paying, consider this moment

8) Another important point: the time of the deposit and its presence in the account. If for some reason you made a contribution after the post about the scam of the project was published, or the hype was moved to the status of "problematic" or is in the status of "waiting" (not "new", namely the expectation where projects are placed, in which there are some malfunctions), you cannot claim insurance, just be more careful. Also, if for some reason your contribution was not accepted, that is, we have zero income from you in the list of referrals, you will not be able to apply for insurance, because we will not be able to verify the accuracy of your statements, but in every possible way fool with insurance, to unfortunately, they try very often here. Therefore, if the contribution is not opened, we write to support during the project, if they ignore it, we

9) If we have any further questions or need to provide additional information on your part, you must respond before the application deadline , otherwise you will not receive insurance. For example, the situation: a person applies for insurance 2 hours before its distribution, there are doubts about the reliability of the information, we ask you to provide this and that, and the person disappears for a day and answers when everything has already been calculated and sent to other depositors for wallets, in which case he cannot claim insurance. The date and time of the deadline for accepting applications is always indicated in the post about the collection, usually a day is given, which is more than enough. If for some reason you did not submit an application on time, but came when everything has already been paid, you, of course, will not receive insurance.

Also, please, when applying, do not write anything superfluous, do not ask a bunch of questions. Again, not because we are pretentious assholes who do not want to communicate with anyone, but because time is extremely limited, we need to collect everything, process, calculate, pay, simultaneously monitor current projects, make posts and everything else. Examples of questions that definitely should not be asked: "How much will the compensation be?", "When will the insurance be available?" and the like. Regarding the principle of insurance distribution, everything is described in paragraph 4 of these rules, regarding time: in the post about the start of filing applications. The time there indicates the end of the collection, after that you need to process everything, calculate the percentage of losses and send it to wallets. As soon as the insurance is distributed, a post is made about this on the channel and in the VK group, as well as a note on the site.

10) Applications for insurance are accepted only for Payeer, Perfect Money, ePaycCore, Tron wallets (no cards, qiwi, yandex money and crypto, except for tron), keep this in mind

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